About Me

I talk too much about social infrastructure, scrambled eggs, and Columbus, Indiana.

Hello! My name is Abagail, but you can call me Abbee.

Yes, I know my name is spelled uniquely. My parents told me they picked it out of a baby book, which means they probably didn't get past the first page.

I am a fourth-year student at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. Although I have happily landed in UX, for most of my life I wanted to major in political science and communication and run major political campaigns for a living. This is no longer my life calling, but you can still see themes of it in my work.

Fueled by the need to understand everything, I have found myself using deep user research to cultivate ubiquitous experiences for humans, not users. Through extensive classes, internships, and lab work I have become proficient in a plethora of research, ideation, prototyping, and testing methods.

My dream is to use participatory design methods to change the world we live in. And to give citizens a bigger say in the places they inhabit. But I'm told I need to scope down a bit.

Currently, I am performing my own research on community creation and mediation through technology in the Community-Computer Interaction Lab.  You can read more about that here!

Also, big shout out to Victor Gonzalez, who provided inspiration for the layout of this website through Webflow!

Peace out, girl scout.

Equity through design.